Welcome to aegleteq


Welcome to aegleteq


What we do

We supply and service all types of industrial x-ray equipment and industrial x-ray systems including CT (Computerised Tomography), DR (Digital Radiography), and CR (Computerised Radiography) applications. We also design and build radiation Safety Systems to meet IRR17 all the way to EN13849-1 Machine Guarding.
At Aegleteq we are here to provide you with the best possible solutions to all your Industrial radiographic and radioscopic requirements. We believe that Industrial X-Ray is a big enough field on its own which demands first class Client support in Sales and even more importantly in Service. So AEGLETEQ do not do Ultrasonics, Eddy Current, Hardness Testers, Film Sales and any other NDT discipline. Only X-ray Equipment, X-ray Systems and safety circuits

We provide sales, Installation and support on the full range of Comet Yxlon and other makes of x-ray equipment & systems

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Our services

Stress Free

Of old obsolete 50 Hz x-ray equipment with the latest 40 kHz equipment taking care of all interfacing problems that may occur

Project Management

Of turnkey installations compromising of documentation, wiring diagrams, x-ray equipment, exposure cabinet/room, manipulator, control room & installation.

Design & Build

Of exposure rooms and cabinets.

Designing & Installing New X/Gamma Safety

Circuits or updating Safety circuits on existing facilities to IRR17
and EN 13849-1

PM and Reactive Servicing

Your X-ray equipment in a competent and professional manner.

Supply & Installation of X-ray Tubeheads

Replacement of failed or defective old X-ray Tubeheads

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