YXLON Special Systems

We work closely with our customers and suppliers to ensure their chosen special industrial x-ray system is built to carry out exactly what is specified by the customer.
Aegleteq design and build their own radiographic facilities as well as Project Managing the sale, design. Delivery of YXLON Special Systems. An Industrial X-ray Special System is an X-ray Testing Machine designed to conform to a client’s unique requirements. Aegleteq can supply anything from a small loading hatch fed cabinets to very large Linac facilities.
A particular expertise of Aegleteq is supplying new or modifying existing facilities for our Museum/Art Gallery Clients.

Aegleteq’s unique experiences, over many years, in the supply of such systems give an insight into what is or is not possible. A brilliant team of YXLON Designers, Software and Mechanical/Electrical Engineers are ready and waiting to take on any inspection task requirement. YXLON’s Application Laboratories are large enough to take in most Clients parts. large or small. Once the inspection task has been proven, the rest is all engineering. Complete turnkey facilities are our speciality. Museums and Heritage Sites have specific needs which have been fulfilled by Aegleteq and YXLON.

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