Standard Systems


Aegleteq offer a wide range of standard cabinet x-ray systems for carrying out real-time radiography, with the option to upgrade to CT (Computerised Tomography). All modern
systems use a (FPD) Flat Panel Detector to capture images which is viewed by the latest imaging software. Excellent results can be seen on aluminium, iron and castings. Plastic and CFC products also can be easily tested/inspected.
Although all X-ray Systems are made to order. Aegleteq recognise Standard Systems as all X-ray Testing Machines which are made in multiples of numbers to more or less a standard design. The YXLON, with MU2000 range, have completed over 600 delivered units worldwide which must make this design the most successful and reliable ever range of Industrial X-ray Testing Machine.

The MU2000-D
in its latest format.

Not only carries out serial inspection of components using PCNC technology, It has a user friendly CT interface option as well. Digitised ASNT standard images for casting flaws can be loaded so that the Operator can easily sentence defects in parts, at the same scale as the part image.


If your MU2000 still has an Image Intensifier fitted. We can do an upgrade to exchange with the latest digital detector and software package.

Aerospace Inspection Market

MU60 and MU80

is a new range of Inspection Systems more configurable and aimed towards the Aerospace Inspection Market. These only just come under ‘Standard Systems’ due to repeat orders for these designs.