Safety legislation is becoming ever more tighter with corporate responsibility a large concern to companies who carry out radiation work.

Linacs, Isotopes and X-ray equipment produce life changing amounts of radiation should personnel come into an area where exposures are taking place.

The best way to stop this ever happening is to have a robust Safety System, carefully designed and risk assessed. To keep human traffic away from sources of radiation until exposure areas are made safe.

The IRR99 and ACOP regulations lay down rules on how Safety Systems should work but these should be considered a minimum requirement to meet legislation.

Aegleteq Safety Systems range from IRR99 meeting installations for low risk applications up to full EN 13849-1 Machine Guarding installations for high risk sites which carry out Linac, gamma and x-ray work.

Should your company be planning a new facility or upgrading your existing equipment and need further assurance on x-ray & gamma safety. Make contact with Aegleteq for our assessment of your requirement. Allow a minimum of four months for assessment, design and build of a new or upgraded Safety Circuit to EN 13849-1 standards.

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